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All participants must complete the following two steps.


Step 1 ~ Download and fill out the “2019 Application to Participate in Parade”.  Everyone must have this completed, signed, and returned.
Step 2 ~

Download and fill out EITHER the “2019 Performer’s Contract ~ Paid” OR the “2019 Business-Civic Group Contract”. Everyone must have ONE of these forms completed, signed, and returned.**


  Contract Type
Step 1
2019 Application to Participate in Parade Download
Step 2
2019 Performer’s Contract ~ Paid Download
2019 Business-Civic Group Contract Download

** Business-Civic Group Contract is for NON-PAID groups. Examples: Fire, Police, Schools (non-paid), Boy/Girl Scouts, etc.


Listen to the Marshals. . . each division has at least 2.

No Throwing . . . items must be handed to people along the sidewalks. This is a SAFETY issue. Think about the children!

Discharging of Weapons or Ordnances are Prohibited . . . this is a liabilty issue.

24 Hour Rule . . . contracted parade participants agree not to perform or appear at any business establishment on the island which does not financially support the parade for 12 hours prior or 12 hours after the parade.

Parade Posters . . . business that support the parade will have the offical Parade Poster displayed in the establishment.  By supporting them, you are supporting yourselves!

No Collecting / Solicitations . . . vending is not allowed per order of Newport City Council . . . NO EXCEPTIONS!

No Public Drinking . . . ‘nuf said? How about $1,000 fine?

No Loud Sirens/Horns . . . sirens/horns must be used sparingly as they interfere with the bands and other participants.

No Silly String . . . or littering the streets with any other paraphernalia.

No Advertising . . . only businesses who have advertised in the parade booklet are allowed to display advertising.

Do Not Stop the Parade . . . only selected bands should stop at the reviewing stand.

After the Parade . . . DON’T STOP. . . keep moving past review stand and down one of the 4 streets away from the route.  Marshals will direct you.

Above all else - obey the rules in your contract!

Enjoy the Parade . . . we are honored to have you as our guests!

If you have any feedback, comments, or concerns, please send them to:

Newport St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee
P.O. Box 1404
Newport, RI 02840